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Shock Absorption Insole

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    aElevate Your Athletic Performance with Our Thickened Sports Breathable Shock Absorption Insole!

    Are you ready to experience superior comfort, support, and performance during your workouts and sports activities? Our Thickened Sports Breathable Shock Absorption Insole is here to provide the ultimate cushioning and stability for your feet, helping you reach your athletic goals with ease.

    🌟 Key Features:

    1. Premium Shock Absorption: Our insoles are crafted with advanced shock-absorbing technology, designed to reduce the impact on your feet, knees, and joints during high-impact activities. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to superior cushioning.

    2. Breathable and Moisture-Wicking: Designed to keep your feet cool and dry, our insoles feature a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that helps prevent odors and keeps your feet feeling fresh throughout your workouts.

    3. Thickened Support: Enjoy exceptional arch and heel support with our thickened insoles. They provide stability and balance, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing your overall athletic performance.

    4. Customizable Fit: Our insoles are available in various sizes and can be trimmed to perfectly match the contours of your shoes. Achieve the perfect fit that suits your unique needs and preferences.

    5. Versatile Use: Whether you're into running, basketball, hiking, or simply need extra support during daily activities, our insoles are versatile enough to enhance your comfort and performance in any footwear.

    6. Long-Lasting Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, our insoles are built to withstand the demands of regular athletic use, ensuring they remain a reliable part of your fitness gear.

    7. Stylish and Functional: Beyond performance, our insoles boast a sleek design that complements your athletic footwear, enhancing both style and functionality.

    Experience the difference of insoles that provide exceptional support, shock absorption, and breathability, ensuring your feet are well taken care of during even the most intense workouts.

    Don't wait to upgrade your athletic performance. Order your Thickened Sports Breathable Shock Absorption Insole today and step into a world of superior comfort and support, one step at a time!


    Lightweight and comfortable insoles assist with odor elimination.
    Extra EVA foam padding in the heel and at the ball of the foot help relieve shock.
    The combination of arch-support and impact cushioning offers a good orthotic experience.
    Unique honeycomb designed to relieve heel pain, arch pain, plantar fasciitis pain and reduces foot fatigue.

    1. Comfortable air cushion insole, stylish design, perfect choice for different shoes.
    2. Any size can be cut into S or size, and the size has been marked on the insole.
    3. The silicone and gel parts at the heel are soft and comfortable to wear.
    4. Breathable and sweat-absorbent, suitable for people who sweat a lot, very suitable for sports shoes, etc.
    5. Occasion: Suitable for shoes.

    You can cut the insole to the right size for you by yourself 2 ways to cut your Insoles:
    1. Measure your feet length, then find the size line on the insole, cut it slightly longer than your feet
    2. Use your right size insoles, put it on the new one, then cut it slowly

    Gender: Unisex
    Insole type: health care insole
    Material: silicone gel
    Insole size: L for men, S for a lady ( insole can be cut to fit your shoes)
    M size (250-280mm) : EU 40-44 US 7.5-11 UK 7-10.5
    S size (225-250mm) : EU 30-40 US 5-7.5 UK 4.5-7
    Function: Thickening, soft, comfortable, breathable, shock absorption, deodorization

    Package Content:
    1 pair x Shoe pad


    Shock Absorption Insole
    Shock Absorption Insole
    Shock Absorption Insole
    Shock Absorption Insole
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    Shock Absorption Insole
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    Shock Absorption Insole
    Shock Absorption Insole